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  • A Skinny Fairtrade Latte in the Food Court of Life

    This Sunday we are receiving four friends into Church membership - which is fantastic. ...

    Published 1 day ago by Catriona

  • Dear People of the World (formerly Dear Americans)

    I could never understand why a girl like her has become so popular internationally. Her name is...

    Published 2 days ago by Masagata

  • Christian Reflection and Prayer

    CRADLE-TO-PRISON Congregations are working alongside communities, wrapping around families,...

    Published 2 days ago by Pastor Kim

  • Spiritually Speaking

    Bring the light in each day. You may breathe it in, or visualize it around you, or feel it as a...

    Published 2 days ago by Spiritually Speaking

  • Ajax Orienteering & Hill Running Club

    Ajax will organise a "Come and Try It" orienteering event in Marlay Park on Sunday 5th October....

    Published 4 days ago by AjaxOC

  • Strike Factory

    I bring great news, I finally have a new job following my interview this morning, working at the...

    Published 6 days ago by Strike

  • RagsToRich(mond)

      FLOWERS AND BOUQUETS TO LIVE FOR   My friend in Galien, Michigan is a...

    Published 6 days ago by Jim Richmond

  • Positive Technology Journal

    Published 6 days ago by Andrea Gaggioli

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